Melissa Kho and her spouse, Timofey Yuriev, together with their Golden Retriever named Kira were hiking in Irvington Woods: Peter Oley Trail System when they saw two dogs stuck in an iced lake. Immediately, Timofey and Kira moved into action to rescue the dogs.

Timofey removed his clothes and jumped into the icy water and began his way toward the dogs. There were layers of ice on the water that Timofey and Kira broke through to make it to the dogs. Luckily, they reached the first dog and assisted him to wade back to shore.

Even if the lake was freezing, the two jumped again to save the second dog. Timofey lived in Kazakhstan when he was young where he was taught by his grandfather how to swim in freezing water. Indeed, his childhood training made this rescue an easy one.


Finally, they reached the second dog, and they all swam heading back to the side of the lake. The two dogs that were just rescued went out together with their owner when they suddenly fled away and fell on the iced lake.

Mellisa shared the captured video on her social media account telling that she witnessed her husband’s heroic rescue of two dogs trapped in the iced lake.

Timofey also shared on The Journal News that they saw the dogs trapped and tried to get back to shore, but after a few moments, the dogs stopped moving. He can see that they were in great danger.

Timofey said that the owner even tried to stop him from jumping on the cold lake. The owner was almost in tears after the dogs were rescued. She was forever very thankful to Timofey for saving her beloved dogs.

Here is a video below that shows the inspiring story.

Video credit Eyewitness News ABC7NY via YouTube


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