I saw a lot of animal performance but this one is different. This beautiful story that I will share to you will surely shock you. Yes! Believe me; this story also stunned my inner core. So, fasten your seat belt because we’re ready to go.

One day, there was a social gathering of ballet dancers in Alabama and a lot of performers joined the said occasion but everybody has no idea that something unbelievable happens.


A huge crowd claps their hands for the next performers so the lights went off while the performers prepared themselves for the play. The people started to think differently when they only saw one shadow of a girl. Like “Is this a solo play?”.

And they are all in amazement when the lights covered the entire stage. A very cute disabled dog wearing a pink tutu with his Sugar plum fairy partner stole the entire spotlight in the event.

The name of the dog is Pig and her partner is Katherine Free. They enjoy the play and Pig loves the cheer of the people. Katherine and the disabled dog performed Birmingham’s ballet Mutt-cracker as dancing partners and the crowd loved it.

Even though Pig, the dog, has a short-spine syndrome, Pig still continues the play with her partner and all the audience stand-in ovation after the play. After that incredible performance, Pig still performed adorably.

Kim Dillenbeck who is the owner of Pig explained the dog’s presence in the play – that even with a disability, still, she performed adorably.

And now, Pigs Facebook page has more than 100,000 followers which make the adorable dog a celebrity for her awesome dancing moves. She is also an aspiring model. Despite her condition, she doesn’t let that from having fun and doing what she likes.

Special thanks to Urdogs.


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