Library workers came to save a little puppy after one of them witnessed her being tossed into the woods.

Sarah Lundblom came in early to work at Russell Memorial Library in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Tuesday of November 27, 2018. Suddenly she spotted a woman who stopped her automobile near the library, opened the back of her car, and tossed a tiny dog in the freezing woods close to their parking area.

Lundblom attempted to lure the dumped pup and come to her; however, the puppy was understandably frightened and skidded away.


Therefore, she asked for help with her workmates to rescue and save the abandoned pup out of the freezing place. Because of the workers’ aim to protect the dumped dog, they were able to persuade the dog and took her inside their office.

The tiny dog is fortunate from not being frozen to death since the temperature in the place is dipping down freezing.

The moment the puppy was taken inside the library, they covered her body in jacket and laid her on a carton with a blanket to keep her warm and comfortable. Next, they contacted the Chesapeake Animal Services, an animal control service, where the little puppy is living.

It was great coincident that Lundblom arrived in the library early that day or else this little pup may not able to survive. However, it is a sad fact that dogs being dumped in a cruel way instead of being taken to an animal facility and cared for happens more frequently than should.

As reported by the WAVY News, the tiny pup will be ready in searching for someone to adopt her on December 3, 2018, thanks to the quick actions of the library workes in rescuing the abandoned dog.

Here is an excellent video below that shows the tear-inducing story.

Video credit WAVY TV 10 via YouTube


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