Though weddings are considered as the epitome of romantic relationships, the fact cannot be denied that the preparations can be overwhelming. Dubbed as “wedding jitters”, most couples need to endure stressful days and sleepless nights just before their grandest day.

On the other hand, the honeymoon, an event which happens after the wedding, is also an equally important stage. This is when the couple would spend most of their time together. After all the hectic preparations and nerve-wracking event, the newly-weds truly deserve this kind of break.


However, in the case of Jade and Michael Peel, a prior arrangement for a honeymoon got called off because of an unexpected event. Indeed, not being able to go on a honeymoon after the wedding is devastating. Yet, for the couple, postponing this event and finding their missing dog instead was the utmost priority.

On the eve of New Year’s Day, while Jade was walking down the aisle to exchange vows with Michael at Polhawn Fort near Torpoint, Cornwall, their dog who was left at a K9 kennel went missing. The couple’s family members decided to inform them about what happened the day after the wedding because they did not want to ruin a very significant occasion.

Without any second thoughts, the newlyweds did not waste their time and had set off to find the lost dog. Thankfully, 140 people came to help Jade and Michael. After four days, the search came to an end and they found Marley near Four Lanes, Cornwall.

The moment she saw her dog parents in the van, she excitedly ran in to hug them. Apparently, the dog missed her parents so much, and so the couple too. The couple was so happy to find Marley safe and unscathed. No kind of after wedding celebration is more important than their indispensable and loving dog.

Credit: Mirror UK


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