Driving a vehicle, though it may sound more like a daily routine to most, is not just a piece of cake. As the prevalence of vehicular accidents all over the world increases, it is a must to practice responsible driving. Once you get a hold of the wheel, your life, your passenger’s life, and some random stranger’s life are in your hands.

On March 4, 2016, an extraordinary vehicular mishap appeared on the news. A red semi-truck accidentally smashed a parked Ford Taurus and a tree near Kwik Trip gas station in Mankato, Minnesota. By good grace, not one person got harmed or injured, only a tugged tree.


Accidents do happen, and it’s just that you don’t have any means to tell when. But what is extraordinary about this news?

Well, at first, the people who witnessed what happened thought that the semi-truck was unmanned. From their viewpoint, they saw that the driver’s seat was empty, and yet, the gear started and crashed.

Marie Brace, a bold and courageous eyewitness, decided to take a closer look at what’s inside of the truck. She was surprised to see a panting yet happy and playful Labrador Retriever positioned near the wheel.

The suspect obviously was not apologetic of what he did. Marie immediately snapped a photo of the dog who was caught red-handedly.

Upon further investigation, it was found out that the driver of the truck just stepped out for a while to buy something at a store. Feeling fully assured, he left the big vehicle idling while his pawed buddy was on the passenger seat. Never did he thought that the dog, who always contentedly sits beside him when taking a trip, would take over the wheel.

It was a stroke of luck that the truck came to a stop immediately. It triggered no other fiasco, and therefore, no charges were filed.

Credit: FOX9


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