Making new friends has always been a challenge for Juno. It takes longer for the three-year-old Pitbull mix to trust anyone new so anytime she forms a bond, it’s exceptionally special. But his mom, Kelly Tedford, had no clue about this during the time she picked Juno up from Seattle and took her to Vancouver.

“I adopted her without really knowing her entire history, I really didn’t know what I was getting into,” said Tedford. “When I responded to her Petfinder ad, she was already one adult dog that flunked out of 2 adoptive homes. I just sat with treats and waited for about 30 minutes until she approached me.”


As a part-time trainer and dog walker, Tedford has significant experience handling difficult dogs. But as she introduces Juno to clients, the dog becomes aggressive because of too much fear. It took plenty of time and endless work but Juno eventually settled down.

“She’d get to know the clients over walks and be friends with them,” said Tedford. “But if we go for more than one week without seeing them, it’s like she never knew them at all.”

Tedford tried anything she could think of to help Juno: From training and calming aids to Thundershirts. In the end, the vet prescribed Prozac and it helped transform her. The medication did not just lessen Juno’s aggression but also helped her remember every walking buddy she has.

Soon, Juno has grown attached to Blondie and Callie, her 2 Labrador walking buddies. She gets excited as soon as her mom gets into their driveway. It was cool, but Tedford accepted a new work assignment and they had to move. She could tell Juno was sad so she came up with a great idea.

Tedford knew that with Juno’s behavioral traits, it will always be difficult for the pup to make new friends, especially now that she no longer walks dogs. So she thought of driving Juno back to their old neighborhood so she could play with her friends. Here’s that special moment:

Evidently, Tedford made the right call. Playing with friends helps Juno mentally. It relaxes and de-stresses her. Since then, Juno regularly has play dates. And Tedford doesn’t seem to mind the long drive for as long as it makes Juno happy.

Credits to Kelly Tedford via The Dodo


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