Midnight is a Labrador mix who goes outside any chance she gets. Even if in the freezing winter weather. Tim Turfman, Midnight’s owner noticed something off. His dog did not want a car ride. It seems like she was trying to lead him somewhere.

Tim says Midnight had her ears perked. It’s not something he usually sees his dog does. So he figured it must be something important. Midnight must be telling him to follow her. “Sometimes you just get that feeling that something is up,” Tim says.

When Tim followed midnight, he was taken to a different side of the house. That where he found someone lying in the snow. It’s Tim’s 87-year-old neighbor. It turns out that the old woman has fallen to the ground while attempting to fill a bird feeder.


Tim estimated that the woman was outside fallen for at least half an hour. Tim explained that the woman could not get up. The gloves the lady was wearing had gotten wet. The woman didn’t have enough strength to pull herself up. Also, there was nothing nearby to get a hold of. There was no way to pull herself up.

The temperature at the time was below 1 degrees Celsius. Tim helped his neighbor Noreen get back in the house while Tim’s wife helped the neighbor dry her clothes. Noreen was thankful. She mentions that Midnight was a lifesaver.

Midnight arrived just in the nick of time. This was an act comparable to the deeds of fictional dog Lassie. Midnight is another one of those heroic dogs out there. An example of an exceptional dog. That morning, man’s best friend also became the neighbor lady’s best friend.

Tim is very proud of his dog. He exclaims that it’s not every day a dog can pay attention to minor details like that. Watch the video for the full report.

Video courtesy of CBS News via YouTube


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