Hermione is a dog who was abandoned by her owners in a South Carlina forest. She has been living in the woods all by herself, barely surviving, when, unfortunately, the dog stepped on a coyote trap.

The animal control tried catching Hermione, but the dog kept on running away at the sight of them. The forest where Hermione lived for a year made her frightened of her surroundings and anyone who approached her.

Since Hermione was severely injured, the animal control team decided to seek assistance from Hope For Paws. The Hope For Paws Founder, Eldad Hagar, and his friend, Loreta Frankonyte, flew from California to South Carolina to help in rescuing Hermione.


Despite searching for Hermione the entire day, Eldad, Loreta, and the animal control team did not find the dog. Eldad went for another route by successfully convincing the search team to let him and Loreta capture the injured dog.

Days before Eldad and Loreta’s arrival, the animal control team set up a humane trap, but Hermione did not walk into it. Since the dog did not want to budge, Loreta decided to sit down and started feeding Hermione from a distance, while assuring the dog that she is a friend.

After two hours of Loreta trying to earn Hermione’s trust by throwing some food to entice her, the dog started limping towards Loreta for food. Unfortunately, Hermione suddenly felt spooked and ran away from Loreta.

On the next day, Eldad asked for volunteers’ help in holding a soccer net to trap the dog, and fortunately, they were able to catch her successfully. When Eldad and Loreta brought Hermione to the hospital to remove the coyote trap, the doctors also did an examination and found her to have heartworm.

After driving for days, Hermione’s rescuers brought her to Dr. Robert Olds, where she underwent two surgeries for paw reconstruction. A couple of months after surgery and heartworm treatment, she successfully recovered, thanks to the donations of kind-hearted strangers and efforts of good Samaritans who helped Hermione along the way.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via YouTube


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