Books give a distinctive comfort for humans. It gives a sense of isolation just enough to take it all in and pique our imagination while in the comfort of our seats. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could treat our paw buddies to this same experience, too?

Thanks to the initiative called “Read Across America Day” as this made it possible for the sheltered dogs and cats of the Humane Society of Missouri to have felt what it’s like. Kids that have enlisted to the program are given an opportunity to choose their favorite stories which they, in turn, will read to an adorable audience of canines and felines.

This program, for me, is an exceptional idea as it doesn’t just help the kid volunteers to brush up on their reading skills, but also aid in building affection and positive connections to these animals. As for the dogs and cats, it’s an effective way to learn social skills and proper behavior around humans while listening to eager readers.


It’s no surprise that the Shelter Buddies Reading Program quickly gained success from when it started. As reported by the People Magazine, one immediate result of which includes drastically decreasing the average length of stay of the animal residents to a mere eight days before they’re adopted. Now that’s remarkable. On the other hand, the number of kid participants had also grown to about 900 at this time.

The effort of the Humane Society of Missouri in taking this lead is truly worth commending. It’s one of those things where one can see how simple efforts can transform the lives of both humans and animals, alike. I can only hope that other shelters from all over the world would follow through.

Watch and be inspired by the video below:


Source: TheAnimalRescueSite 



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