French Bulldogs are known to be incredibly naughty, playful and nosy. No wonder, these two, white Frenchies got themselves in trouble after rummaging through the kitchen supplies.

This adorable duo scrambled to find food in the middle of the night while their owner was asleep. Little did they know, there is a huge bag of green food dye hiding in the kitchen.

When morning came, the group of French Bulldogs went in the kitchen. But, their owner was surprised to see two, green creatures among the group.


Yada Ornsomjit, the owner of the dogs, took a video of the situation. The green French bulldogs whose names are Dam-nam and Sai-Aua kept running around the kitchen. It seemed like they have no idea what happened to them.

According to Ornsomjit, the two managed to rip open a bag filled with green food coloring. During the process, they both dyed themselves bright green. The other dogs, on the other hand, spread some green food color tracks around the house.

Ornsomjit mentioned that she forgot to lock the kitchen door before going to bed the night before. But, she didn’t expect that the Frenchies will have a late-night snack tour in the kitchen.

Ornsomjit and her husband spent hours and hours cleaning up the kitchen. They also tried their best to remove all the green color on their beloved pet pups. According to reports, it took half-day and three washes to clean them up. Unfortunately, they could not remove all the green on the pups’ bodies.

Despite the commotion, the playful pups seemed oblivious of the situation. They look like they don’t have any idea that they turned green or that they did something wrong.

They are so precious and innocent. It’s just so funny how they have no idea what they got themselves into.

Thank you to DailyMail for sharing this adorable video.


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