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It is no longer a surprise for most dog lovers that our pooches could crack a funny act right away. It has already been established that dogs, because of their nature, are weird animals. 

While their funny acts seem natural, most dogs are not aware of this facet of their personality. It just comes naturally or by accident. We, human beings, however, always take anything that makes us laugh. That is why we wouldn’t care if our pooches act silly to make us giggle.

Joe Corsi never expected that his dog would gain instant fame on the internet. One day, Corsi received an alert from his security camera at home. While clueless, he still checked on it to be sure that no burglar entered their house when he was away.


Thankfully, though, it was indeed not a burglar. But when he checked the video closely, he was entertained with what he saw. It was his German Shepherd Sasha playing with the camera, moving it directly to her face.

In an interview later, Corsi shared that it was the first time that this happened and he is entirely puzzled how the dog discovered the security camera. While aware of the camera’s existence, Sasha never dared to play with it not until the funny footage of the dog came in.

Sasha was looking at the camera and tried to project her face in front of it. It is as if she is taking a photo via its front camera. When Corsi discovered this, he cackled for joy.

Because he found it funny, Corsi then uploaded the video on a Facebook group limited to German Shepherd owners. Thereafter, some people in that group downloaded the video and uploaded it to several social media sites. The next thing that happened is that Sasha became an internet star.

For his part, Corsi shared the video on Sasha’s Instagram account, and since then the video has been shared about 59,000 times as of posting.

Credits to Sasha The Shepherd.


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