Most countries in the world have strict laws about animal welfare where abandonment can fall under animal cruelty. However, since Greece does not have strict laws that protect animals, it gives people the confidence to abandon animals just because they do not want the responsibility of caring for them.

Greece is estimated to have about a million stray dogs, and lax animal laws give people the confidence to just dump dogs anywhere they wish. However, one man from Greece named Takis decided to make a change and be the hero that stray dogs need.

Takis often receive calls from concerned citizens if they see abandoned puppies and dogs. Takis does his best to get to the dogs’ location wherever they are.


Upon Takis’ arrival at the dogs’ location, he calls them out, and many would often run towards him in excitement. That is when Takis knew that he is doing the right thing for all the animals in need.

With so many people throwing dogs in the garbage, Taki drives every day to take the dogs out of the trash and brings them with him to his shelter, which houses over 500 dogs. His shelter provides the dogs in need a warm, and safe place to stay, and food to eat.

Since the number of dogs is overwhelmingly high and supplies get quickly depleted, Takis rely on donations he gets from people who support his cause. With the help of one of his rescue dogs, Faith, they both care for all the animals in need, especially the puppies who lost their mothers.

Aside from taking the dogs out of the dumpsites, he also finds them their forever homes. While they are waiting for the newborn puppies to get bigger and be fit for adoption, Faith fosters the puppies and treats them like her own babies.

Takis’ kindness has saved hundreds of dogs, and he still continues to do so, thanks to the help of fellow animal lovers.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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