Christmas Eve is supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year for most families all over the globe. It is a perfect time to celebrate, exchange gifts, smile, and laugh together.

However, due to an unfortunate circumstance, the Hawman family became homeless during Christmas Eve. Their home burned down to ashes because of a fire incident. It was really a terrible thing to happen in the middle of a festive event.


However, the family still has more reasons to feel blessed after what happened. Even though almost all their valuables got consumed by the fire, all of them were safe including their beloved pets. In addition, the Hawman family is very fortunate to have such a reliable dog – Rex.

Noreen Lucas, the family’s grandmother, was the only person left in the house during the night of December 24. She was suffering from pneumonia at that time, so she can’t go along to their relative’s house to join a dinner party. All the family members were out at that time except her.

While Noreen was peacefully sleeping on the couch, she did not have any idea that the fire had already started. If not for Rex who tried so hard to wake her up and drag her, she would’ve been dead by this time. When she was able to open her eyes, the brave dog was able to pull her towards the direction of the main door.

The horrible sight of the fire already burning their house’s hallway shocked her. The adrenalin in her blood suddenly rushed in, and she pulled herself up and made her way outside the burning home along with their other pets. They were all saved.

Currently, the Hawman family was staying on a rental home, all thanks to their helpful neighborhood.  More than the terrible disaster which left them homeless for a while, the Hawman family was still hopeful and blessed because all of them were alive and sound.

Credit: CTV News on Youtube


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