Every fur parent knows how dogs love to munch on anything they encounter. Even as puppies, dogs can’t help but chew on stuff they deem as edible.

However, it seems a particularly adorable Corgi can’t help but munch on a new plush toy that his fur mom gave him. Do you think the toy’s stellar appearance lasted long enough under the dog’s “care”?

I’m loving this, Mom!

In the video, one can see a cute Corgi named Jasper lying contentedly on the floor. But, unlike most pooches who by now take their afternoon siesta, Jasper starts munching on an object that his fur mom gave him.


As the seconds tick by, Jasper continues biting on his newly-found chew toy. At some point, the little corgi even pulls on the hard portion of the toy, ultimately creating some crackling sounds along the way.

But, it looks like the pooch’s oblivious to the sounds it produces while biting on the plush toy. Jasper carries on with his activity until he hears a loud noise.

Oh well, I’ll continue with what I’m doing.

As soon as Jasper heard the loud noise from a nearby room, he immediately stops with his munching activities. The pooch’s ears perk up, straining to determine the source of the sound.

However, it seems nothing can still beat the lure of his newest chew toy as Jasper continues clinging to the toy despite the momentary distraction earlier. This time, though, the pooch can no longer hold on to his excitement as he starts pulling hard on the toy.

How do you think the scenario ended? Do you think Jasper’s newest chew toy still ended up in one piece after the dog’s assault on it? Watch the entire video below for you to determine the toy’s fate.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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