Every pet owner would agree that their pawed buddies are indispensable members of their lives. These adorable and loyal animals will always have a special part in their human’s heart no matter what.  Sometimes, pet owners are even willing to risk their precious lives just for the sake of their dogs.

Around 5:00 one morning, a house in Brevard County, Florida got caught in a fire. The rescuers from the nearest fire department responded to the scene as soon as they can. They did their best to put a stop to the tragedy and prevent any further damage.


However, while the authorities were doing their best to fulfill their job, the homeowner caused a distraction. Why would a homeowner cause an interruption when the firefighters are already doing their best to save his home? Despite several warnings, he attempted to go back inside the burning house.

Trying to save some valuable items inside a house on fire is quite understandable. But, in the case of Wendell Joyner, the 58-year-old house owner, he was trying to save his three beloved pups.

In the earlier part of the commotion, Joyner’s safety was already assured. He got out of the house unscathed. But the moment he realized that his dogs were still in the house, notwithstanding the firefighter’s authoritative commands, he tried so hard to save them by going back inside. He even managed to make an entry point by breaking a window using the firefighter’s ax.

When the fire subsided, Joyner, whose house got burnt down to ashes, sadly got arrested by the authorities as well. He incurred some wounds and injuries because the deputies had to lambast him to put a stop on his dangerous attempt. The good news was, despite his charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, the firefighters were able to rescue all his three dogs.


Credit: Inside Edition on Youtube


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