Everyone marvels at the innate cleverness that dogs possess. Whatever trick or skill their fur parents throw their way, they can quickly learn and adapt them in their routine.

But, sometimes our beloved pooches forget about being smart, especially when they find themselves in a “frightening” situation. As such, it’s not unusual to find a Pug scrambling to reunite with its siblings when he finds himself stuck outside.

Let me in, please!

In this funny video, one can see a cute Pug trio facing each other through a glass door. It looks like an ordinary playing session between the three dogs, but a closer look at the situation reveals otherwise.


One of the pooches inside the house starts pawing at the glass door to invite the Pug to come inside. The pooch continues pawing at the glass until it catches the attention of the Pug.

When its sibling finally caught its attention, the Pug stares longingly at the doggy pair and ask them for help. But, as the Pug’s stuck from the outside, the pooches need to figure out first how to unlock the glass door.

Oh? The door’s open?

While the doggy trio busily plans for their contingency measures, they failed to notice that the door’s wide open from the start. The Pug now frantically scrambles at the glass, urging its siblings to rescue him from his current situation.

This hilarious scenario continued for a few more seconds until one of the dogs saunters towards the open door. As its siblings “disappear” from the glass door, the helpless Pug can only follow the path his sibling took.

Do you think the Pugs finally realized their naivety? If you’re eager to find out the ending, make sure to watch the video until the last second.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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