A nine-year-old boy named Ken made rounds on the internet after he was seen feeding stray dogs in the Philippines during his spare time, way back in 2014. He told his dad that he dreams of building an animal shelter to improve the quality of life of strays in his home country.

Ken was told that only adults could manage an animal shelter, and he needs lots of money to open one. His innocence urged him to dream on, and make this a reality. He didn’t stop and continued to do what he loved most — to help animals.

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The little boy also owns one dog and two cats who were all rescued from the streets. He started by feeding the stray dogs in their neighborhood every day. Some of his neighbors took pictures of him and posted it online. People noticed, and donations began pouring in which helped Ken with his little feeding program.

Soon, the boy had enough cash to purchase quality pet foods, and even bring three puppies to the vet for check-ups. After eight weeks, the pups gained weight and were much happier. They started to trust not just Ken, but the people in the whole neighborhood.

Ken, with the help of his Dad, was able to save up enough money to open his own no-kill animal rescue center, and named it “Happy Animals Club.” He and his family rented a 10,000 square-feet space to foster animals from the streets and city pound, making sure that they are all safe and healthy before sending them to their new families.

The shelter promised never to kill animals that were not rehomed. They pledged to look after them instead, just as how a foster home should. There were also local veterinarians willing to help the rescue center, so the health and well-being of these animals were monitored.

Sadly, some still prefer owning purebred dogs instead of adopting ones from the shelter. Ken and his team are trying their best to change this stigma and impart the idea of adoption to everyone.

Video credit: Youtube Protection of Animals

Special thanks to our friends for sharing this touching story.


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