Ozzy is a gentle pit bull who loves kittens more than anything else. Yes, you read that right — he is a cat-lover. And while he lives with a cat named Norm, they don’t get along that much since Norm likes to be alone, and hates it when Ozzy tries to play with him. A grumpy old cat, indeed.

Nevertheless, Ozzy still longed for feline friendship. Later that year, his owner Lajeniss adopted a pregnant stray cat who was found wandering in the streets. They named her Winnie.

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A month after the rescue, Winnie gave birth to five cute kittens, and Ozzy was there to help her out. The owners mentioned that Ozzy would be very concerned and would alert his humans every time their baby boy cried, so they weren’t surprised when he did the same with the kittens.

The dog would look after the kittens and would be very worried every time they meowed. Ozzy also lets the kittens play around him and crawl all over him. He is very protective of the litter and gets along well with Winnie too.

The video below shows how Ozzy takes good care of the kittens, happily licking at them just as how Winnie would do it. The owner mentions that the kittens grew very fond of the pup and would sometimes go up to him to snuggle with him.

The dog acts as a babysitter to the litter as Winnie sometimes hides out to rest. They make a great team in raising these kittens!

The owners decided to put up four out of five kittens for adoption. They will surely make great pets since two very loving “cat-dog” parents raised them!

They kept one kitten and named him Troublemaker so Ozzy can have a playmate. Check out Ozzy and the kittens in the short clip below!

Ozzie loves kittens

It's been very busy kitten season this year- our shelters have been at max capacity and begging for fosters. So when we put out our plea, one ACPB Alum jumped at the opportunity. "Kittenz, bring me ALLLLLL the kittenz!" exclaimed Ozzy.These little ones are almost ready for adoption. If you live in LA and you are interested in a fuzzy little kitten of your own, feel free to email us at adopt@angelcitypits.org, and we'll pass your message along to Ozzy and his mom, who will be handling the applications. #angelcitypits #NKLA

Posted by Angel City Pit Bulls on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Video credit: Facebook Angel City Pit Bulls

Thanks to our friends for sharing this heartwarming story.


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