Maggie was about 5 years old when she was rescued. She suffered from a horrendous past and spent most of her life chained to her crate. She was always outside and was never allowed inside the house.

When rescuers found her, the poor pup was in the worst condition. Her eyes were infected. And she had several bullet wounds all over her body. Still, Maggie wagged her tail.


Through the help of Wild At Heart Foundation, Maggie flew from Lebanon to the United Kingdom for a better chance at life. Roxana, her foster mom, waited for her at the Heathrow Airport in London. When they met, Roxana and Maggie shared an instant connection.

Maggie remained to be a sweet, happy pup despite her dark past. And that’s the very reason why her foster mom decided to adopt her officially.

Because of the infection, Maggie’s eyes had to be removed. But becoming blind never stopped her from enjoying her new life. After all, her mom is always with her, guiding and loving her.

Almost instantly, Maggie adjusted to her new environment. She had her very first bath and played with her very first toy. She also learned how cozy it is to be hanging out on Mom’s bed.

As she explored her new house, Maggie discovered the stairs, and she got the hang out of it. Soon enough, she discovered what a fridge is and realized that’s where Mom hides all the tasty food.

Maggie is the happiest girl, so her mom knew that she’d be the best at making other people smile, too. She underwent training and passed her therapy dog test. So today, Maggie visits colleges and universities and nursing homes to spread joy.

No matter how dark and gruesome her past life may have been, Maggie proved just how resilient she is. And she’s paying it forward by bringing happiness to other people’s lives. Good job, Maggie! You’re doing an excellent job.

Credits to Instagram@Maggie The Wunder Dog



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