Old Lady is a senior St. Bernard who ran away from her foster home in the middle of winter. The Ruff Start Rescue shared Old Lady’s story through their Facebook account and many were able to witness the tale of how she survived.

Old Lady was lost out there for 17 days. The weather was very cold and her foster family was so worried about her. They searched for days but she was still not found. RSR shared that search parties, signs, and phone calls were involved in the search but they did not get lucky.


Then one day, they received a call that pointed them in the right direction. They were informed that Old Lady was stuck in the caller’s property the whole time. She was caught up in the woods and that’s where she stayed exposed to the harsh weather conditions.

It was a relief to everyone, especially after knowing where she was all this time, that she survived. Given her age, Old Lady’s resilience was amazing as she fought to fight through the freezing cold. It was a good thing that no one lost hope in finding her.

They went to her immediately to save her from her unfortunate situation. The rescuers approached her carefully. They were worried that the poor dog will try and run away again. They untangled her from the branches that she was caught on.

Old Lady was shivering and she was immediately brought back to safety. The rescuers and her foster family were so glad that she made it back home. What she’d been through was very difficult and they are thankful that she was going to be okay.

Her foster home has done everything to help her recover. Hopefully, Old Lady will not venture out all by herself ever again.

Credits to Ruff Start Rescue on Facebook


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