Dogs love partaking in activities that spell fun for them and their fur parents. Even if it’s only a simple activity like taking a walk in one’s neighborhood, our beloved canine friends would surely look forward to it.

As such, it’s not unusual to find a particular Newfoundland eagerly playing a modified version of fetch with its human sister. The dog’s ready to bring to his sister whatever thing she fancies asking from him.

Go, Sebastian!

In this cute video, one can see a black-furred Newfoundland named Sebastian taking a refreshing dip in their swimming pool. Though it looks like the pooch’s merely taking a relaxing swim in the cold water, Sebastian starts paddling towards a particular direction.


It turns out, Sebastian saw a circular object floating in the corner of the pool. Guided by his sister Sierra’s encouragements, Sebastian dexterously swims towards the floating object and successfully captures it in his mouth.

Once the pooch got the object, he quickly makes a 360-degree turn and starts paddling towards Sierra’s direction. Sebastian continues with his tireless paddling until he reaches the eagerly waiting Sierra.

Fetch this, Sebastian!

Thrilled by the sight of the pooch’s successful water fetch, Sierra can’t contain her excitement. The little girl continues exclaiming her delight with the pooch’s accomplishment that Mom persuades her to throw the object once again into the water.

Ever the obedient girl, Sierra quickly complies with Mom’s request and approaches the now resting Sebastian. Once Sierra removed the deflated swimming ring from Sebastian’s mouth, she then energetically tosses the object back into the water for the pooch to fetch.

But, do you think Sebastian complied with Sierra and Mom’s commands? Make sure to watch the entire video below for you to discover Sebastian’s reaction towards their commands.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube 


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