Vlogger Trevor Costelloe and his friend thought it was a good idea to go inside an abandoned water park to film things for Trevor’s vlog. Even though the park was off limits to the public due to the hazards and risks it contains, the two young teenage boys went ahead and continued inside the abandoned park.

While filming and exploring the abandoned park, they came across something unexpected. The two boys encountered by two dogs. At first, the two teenagers were worried that the dogs might be aggressive and may chase them off the park or worse, bite them.

The two dogs they encountered were obviously homeless dogs. They looked disheveled and didn’t have any collars around their necks.


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After a while, the two dogs came near the two teenage boys and started to catch their attention. The boys saw that the dogs were wagging their tails and then ran off while looking back at them.

Trevor and his friend decided to follow the two dogs and soon realized there was another dog. The other dog fell into the water and struggle to keep itself afloat. Trevor figured that the dog has been in the water for quite some time now and was getting really tired keeping itself afloat.

The two boys figured that the two dogs who approached them were actually seeking their help to help their friend who fell in the pool. They didn’t hesitate and started to help the trapped dog out of the water. One of the dogs even tried to help pull the dog out.

Once the teenagers saved the dog, the three friendly dogs went on their way. One of the dogs even stayed behind for a while, seemingly to thank the two boys for saving their friend.

Trevor and his friend realized that the dog would’ve drowned if they didn’t decide to come inside the abandoned park. Trevor and his friend, Dave, caught everything on camera and here’s a video of what went on when they entered the abandoned water park. Thanks to these two curious teenagers, a dog was given another chance at life.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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