Fear is paralyzing, even for dogs. The Hope For Paws organization was called in about a dog who would not go near anybody. His body language says that he is just too scared to do so.

When the team approached him, he wouldn’t even more as he was terrified. Yes, this dog was paralyzed with fear. The dog was given treats by the team, but that did not make him warm up to them.

It seems that this dog has gone through such trauma that he would rather stay where he is than be rescued. Loreta Frankonyte put the leash on him which he did not resist, but was very apprehensive when it was put on him.


It startled him a bit too, so the team caressed him for a few more minutes before bringing him in. When they were able to, he sat comfortably in Loreta’s lap on the way to the hospital. This might be the first time in a long time that this dog has trusted a human being.

The team called him Scooby-roo which was pretty appropriate for his current personality. When they arrived at the hospital, this fearful canine got a warm bath, which makes anyone feel physically and emotionally better.

Rehab takes time, but with more than enough love, care, and support that this dog is getting, he will be better in no time! Thanks to The Forgotten Dog Foundation, this dog has a foster family who loves him dearly.

He is still waiting to be adopted, but none the less, he is getting what he truly needs. Donations are always accepted by the organization, and because of the donations of generous people that rescues like these are made possible.

Give a dog a chance at life and adopt one today!

Source Hope For Paws via YouTube


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