Who says dogs can’t get their happily ever after too? When love hit these two senior dogs, the shelter staff decided to make their relationship official.

It was no question how tough Jack and Diane’s relationship is, not to mention how good they together. They were both found in a Maine cemetery together, left and forgotten. They were then taken to Kennebec Valley Humane Society while they wait for their owners to pick them up. Sadly, no one ever did.

Although the shelter does offer a roof to live in and some food to eat, the two still crave for a family to belong to. After months of waiting for someone to adopt them, the staff noticed how Jack and Diane eventually found a home in each other’s company. Jack filled the void for Diane, the same way Diane did for Jack.


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Seeing how inseparable the two old dogs had become, the shelter’s director and the staff decided to marry them so they could be adopted together.

The wedding was simple and solemn. Diane was covered with a veil and a flower collar as she walked down the long carpeted aisle to meet Jack in a cute little bow tie.

But as soon as the bride stepped on the aisle, the groom got too excited that he even fetched her halfway through. The shelter’s director, Stevanie Roy, officiated the wedding. She narrated their adorable bond to the guests who kept gushing and taking photos of the charming couple.

The reception was simple as well, with Jack and Diane snatching up pepperoni pizzas from their guests.

The shelter staff does hope they can still find the perfect retirement home for them. Since the two dogs are already pretty old (Jack being 10 and Diane is 7), somewhere with a peaceful and loving family can do them good. Until then, the shelter is always more than happy to keep the pair.

Here are the adorable wedding clips of the lovely couple you will surely love.

Video credit to Good Morning America

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