In this modern world we’re living in, we need to do most things in a fast-paced manner. Hectic schedules often lead us to focus more on the quantity of our work rather than on the beauty of the process itself.

But, what if you have the chance to slow down the speed by which things happen, would you grab the opportunity? If you’re willing to do so, then take a look at a cute French bulldog play with its favorite toys in slow motion.

Wow! You’re so amazing!

In this cute video, one can see a French bulldog named Pixel intensely staring at the tennis ball that’s fast approaching him. While this scene looks like an ordinary game of fetch, the pooch’s successive actions would prove it otherwise.


As Pixel leaps to catch the ball with his mouth, you’ll perhaps notice the slowness of the pooch’s movements. It seems there’s a glitch in the video, but in reality, the footage’s set in slow motion to capture everything in detail.

Regardless of the video’s speed, Pixel continues enjoying his playtime. From catching tennis balls to rolling a giant red rubber ball, the pooch’s having the happiest time of his life.

Come on! I want some more action!

By the looks of it, Pixel’s contentedly playing with his two balls. He continues to play with them until his fur parent decides to throw other objects his way.

Whether it’s fetching a long-legged pink bunny to shaking some random plush toys, Pixel can’t contain the excitement he feels inside. It seems no matter what toy comes his way, Pixel’s more than willing to start playing with it.

The slow-motion video of Pixel’s playtime continues for nearly two minutes, showcasing incredible angles that one can never appreciate using average play speed. If you wish to continue viewing Pixel’s fun playtime in slow motion, check out the video link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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